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Pressure sensor assembly
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1. A pressure sensor assembly comprising:
a pressure sensor including:
an electrically conductive sensing layer including a sensor diaphragm extending between perimeter support regions, the sensor diaphragm having a reduced thickness relative to the perimeter support regions;
a backing layer assembly comprising one or more electrically conductive backing layers including a first backing layer having a bottom surface that is bonded to a top surface of the sensing layer through a first electrically insulative bond;
a sensor element having an electrical parameter that changes based on a deflection of the sensor diaphragm in response to a pressure difference between a first pressure on a first side of the sensor diaphragm and a second pressure on a second side of the sensor diaphragm that is opposite the first side; and
a notch formed in an exposed and uninsulated side of at least one of the sensing layer and the backing layer assembly, wherein the notch defines a gap between electrically conductive side edges of the pressure sensor that provides electrical insulation from voltage arcing between the electrically conductive side edges;
a pedestal including a bottom surface that is bonded to a top surface of the backing layer assembly; and
an electrically conductive header having a header cavity;
wherein the first electrically insulative layer electrically insulates the sensing layer from the pedestal and the header.