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Snapshot infrared sensor
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1. An infrared sensor comprising an assembly of pixels juxtaposed in rows and in columns, each pixel integrating an imaging microbolometer connected between a reference voltage and an integration node via an injection transistor having a gate voltage enabling to set a voltage across the imaging microbolometer, so that the resistance variations of the imaging microbolometer, due to infrared radiations, cause a variation of a current flowing through said imaging microbolometer,
wherein the infrared sensor comprises, under the surface of each pixel, an integrator assembly comprising:
a transistor assembled as an amplifier between said integration node and an output node; and
a capacitor assembled in feedback on said transistor between said output node and said integration node;
said integration node being connected to a skimming transistor operating as a current mirror with a skimming control transistor offset outside of said pixel, a skimming current flowing through said skimming control transistor being controlled according to the temperature of at least one thermalized microbolometer, said current mirror assembly enabling to transmit the skimming current flowing through the skimming control transistor onto the integration node so that said capacitor integrates the difference between said current flowing through said imaging microbolometer and said skimming current.