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Encapsulated position sensor functional unit
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1. A position sensor functional unit (PS-F) of a position sensor (500) according to a non-contact functional principle in closed rod design comprising:
a functional head (FK) having
a pot-shaped head housing (1),
an evaluation electronics (12), in particular on an electronics board (2), in the head housing (1),
a functional rod (FS) having
a sensor rod (3) terminating in the head housing (1)
a detector element (4) at the head end of the functional rod (FS),
a signal-technical internal connection between detector element (4) and evaluation electronics (12) and, if necessary, a signal output element (8),
characterized in that
the evaluation electronics (12), at least the detector element (4) of the functional rod (FS), and possibly the signal-technical internal wire connection (5) are potted in the top housing (1) by means of a hardening potting compound (6),
the open side (1a) of the pot-shaped head housing (1) faces the functional rod (FS)
the functional rod (FS) and the evaluation electronics (12) are mechanically fixed only indirectly to one another via the head housing (1) or the hardened potting compound (6).