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Method of creating map data comprising transit times for intersections
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1. A method of creating data for a map from position data derived from the positions of a plurality of vehicles traversing a road network over a period of time in an area covered by the map, the map comprising a plurality of segments, each segment representing a portion of the road network, and each segment having a length and an associated speed profile indicative of average speeds of travel of vehicles along the portion of the road network represented by the segment at a plurality of time periods, the map further comprising intersections between segments representing intersections in the road network, each intersection having a plurality of maneuvers associated therewith, the method comprising using processing circuitry to:
use a classification scheme to classify each maneuver that can be performed by vehicles at a plurality of intersections into a one of a plurality of categories, each category representing maneuvers having similar characteristics at intersections; and
determine a transit time for maneuvers in each category by:
analyzing the position data to determine a real transit time for a plurality of vehicle trips on the road network;
determining, for each of the vehicle trips, a plurality of segments and a plurality maneuvers forming a route through the map;
defining, for each of the vehicle trips, an equation representing a transit time for the vehicle trip, the equation being a sum of transit times along each of the plurality of segments and transit times for each of the plurality of maneuvers, wherein the transit time for each of the plurality of segments is determined using the length of the segment and the average speed from the speed profile for a respective time period, and wherein the transit time for maneuvers in each category form unknown parameters in the equation;
using equations for a plurality of different vehicle trips from among the vehicle trips in a linear system to determine a determined transit time for maneuvers in each category;
adding, to the map, map data for one or more intersections, the map data being generated based on the determined transit time for the maneuvers in each category, and the map data for each of the one or more intersections including information for identifying transit times for categories of maneuvers that are present at that intersection;
generating a navigation route, the generating including determining transit times for at least one respective category of maneuver for one or more of the intersections using the map data for the one or more of the intersections; and
outputting instructions for following the navigation route.