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Method and system for navigating vehicle to pickup / drop-off zone
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1. A method for determining a pickup/drop-off zone (PDZ) for a vehicle, the method comprising:
by a processor:
receiving a ride service request that includes a requested destination for a vehicle,
defining a PDZ that is a geometric interval that is within a lane of a road at the requested destination by:
accessing a set of map data that includes the geometric interval,
using a length of the vehicle and a speed limit of the road at the requested destination to calculate a minimum allowable length for the PDZ by identifying a speed limit factor that is a function of the speed limit of the road and multiplying the length of the vehicle by the speed limit factor,
setting, as boundaries of the PDZ, a start point and an end point having an intervening distance that is equal to or greater than the minimum allowable length, and
positioning the PDZ in the lane at a location that includes or is within a threshold distance from the requested destination; and
generating a path to guide the vehicle to the PDZ, and
by a motion control system of the vehicle, moving the vehicle along the path to the PDZ.