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Integrated photonics optical gyroscopes optimized for autonomous terrestrial and aerial vehicles
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1. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) enabling hybrid integration of mechanical and optical components for motion sensing in an autonomous vehicle, the IMU comprising:
a mechanical module attached to a packaging substrate for providing motion data including low-precision rotational measurement data for three axes of motion; and
three interchangeable optical gyroscope sub-modules co-packaged with the mechanical module, each optical gyroscope sub-module providing high-precision rotational measurement data for a respective axis of motion among the three axes of motion, wherein each optical gyroscope sub-module is based on integrated photonics;
wherein a first one of the three optical gyroscope sub-modules is attached on the packaging substrate along a plane of the packaging subject, and, a second one and a third one of the three optical gyroscope sub-modules are attached perpendicularly to the packaging substrate along two different planes orthogonal to each other such that all the three optical gyroscope sub-modules are aligned orthogonal to one another.