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Method and apparatus for firearm recoil simulation
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1. A system, comprising:
a body;
a linear motor having a sliding mass, the linear motor attached to the body and configured to control movement of the sliding mass the thereby generate a force on the body;
a sensor configured to measure motion of the sliding mass, wherein the sensor is configured to measure magnetic field fluctuations arising due to motion of magnets associated with the sliding mass, and wherein the controller is further configured to determine at least one of position, velocity, and acceleration of the sliding mass based on the measured magnetic field fluctuations, wherein the velocity is determined based on a measured frequency of magnetic field fluctuations, acceleration is determined based on changes in frequency of magnetic field fluctuations, and position is determined based on counting periods of magnetic field fluctuations; and
a controller configured to receive signals from the sensor and to control the motion of the sliding mass based on the received signals from the sensor.