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Heat exchanger with enhanced end sheet heat transfer
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1. A heat exchanger system with increased heat transfer capability, the heat exchanger system comprising:
a heat exchanger comprising:
first and second end plates;
tubes extending between the first and second end plates; and
fins disposed between the tubes,
the heat exchanger being disposable within and differing in shape from a space defined between first and second walls such that:
corners of the first end plate abut the first wall and a point of the second end plate abuts the second wall,
the first wall diverges from the corners of the first end plate to define a first open region, and
the second wall diverges from the point of the second end plate to define second open regions, and
at least one of the first end plate and the second end plates comprises enhancements fluidly communicative with the at least one corresponding one of the first open region and the second open regions.