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Junctions for double-walled tubes in heat exchangers and exchangers with such junctions
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1. End junction of a double-walled tube in a heat exchanger, the double-walled tube comprising an inner tube in which a fluid to be cooled flows and an outer tube which defines with the inner tube a cavity inside the double-walled tube in which a cooling fluid flows, characterized in that it comprises at one end of the double-walled tube an end plate in which there is a seat having an opening on a face of the end plate, an end portion of the end of the inner tube being coaxially housed in the seat through said opening, and with the corresponding outer tube which is peripherally fixed sealingly around said opening, a deflector extending the inner wall of the outer tube inside the seat so as to define a toroidal cavity between the deflector and a side wall of the seat, the seat being closed by a bottom which is opposite to said opening and which has a passage connected sealingly to the end of the inner tube in the seat for the transit of the fluid to be cooled, a radial space being present near the said bottom between the toroidal cavity and the inner cavity of the double-walled tube, and the end plate having at least one conduit emerging inside the toroidal cavity for the inflow or outflow of the cooling fluid.