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Heat pump utilising the shape memory effect
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1. A heat pump system comprising
a Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) or Negative Thermal Expansion (NTE) core positioned in a housing, and adapted to absorb heat and store energy in response to a first fluid inputted at a first temperature, wherein the SMA or NTE core comprises a plurality of elements to define the core;
the housing is configured to receive the same fluid or a second fluid via an inlet wherein a device changes stress on the SMA or NTE core in the housing to cause the SMA or NTE core to change state to release the heat absorbed into the fluid;
an outlet adapted to output the fluid either at a higher temperature or lower temperature relative to the first or second fluid temperature depending on whether heat has been released or absorbed by the SMA or NTE core;
a high-pressure accumulator adapted to provide a stress to the core to enable a forward or a reverse phase change to occur in the core; and
a low-pressure accumulator configured to reduce stress on the SMA or NTE core in the housing when the fluid is being inputted at an initial temperature; and
wherein a pump is utilised to pump a hydraulic fluid from the low-pressure accumulator to the high-pressure accumulator.