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Solar heat collection device for near-zero energy consumption community
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1. A solar heat collection device for a near-zero energy consumption community, comprising a heat collection frame, a heat collector, a center of gravity adjusting frame and a self-adaptive angle adjusting assembly, wherein the heat collector is rotatably arranged on the heat collection frame through the self-adaptive angle adjusting assembly;
the center of gravity adjusting frame is fixed on one side of a bottom of the heat collector, so that the heat collector is driven to deflect by the center of gravity adjusting frame without interference;
the self-adaptive angle adjusting assembly comprises a fixing cylinder, an angle adjusting cylinder, an inner cylinder and a damping adjusting assembly; wherein the inner cylinder is coaxially fixed inside the angle adjusting cylinder; two ends of the angle adjusting cylinder are respectively coaxially and rotatably connected with the fixing cylinder; the angle adjusting cylinder is also connected with the heat collector; and the damping adjusting assembly is arranged between the angle adjusting cylinder and the fixing cylinder;
when collecting heat, a side, close to the center of gravity adjusting frame, of the heat collector is raised and placed facing sun, so that the heat collector will slowly deflect to an initial state over time; and
under the intervention of the damping adjusting assembly, the angular deflection of the heat collector is suspended in a multi-point mode, so that the heat collector can deflect along with the deflection of sun, thereby collecting more heat.