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Method of controlling operation of air conditioner by analyzing user's behavior pattern and air conditioner
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1. An air conditioner, which analyzes a user's behavior patterns and controls operations, comprising:
an air blower configured to discharge air; and
a camera configured to acquire images of a space in which an indoor unit of the air conditioner is disposed,
wherein the air conditioner extracts features from the image acquired by the camera, generates image descriptions, and controls the air conditioner using parameters generated in response to the image descriptions,
wherein each image description includes a sentence, and the sentence includes a subject, a predicate, an object, and a prepositional phrase for position of a person,
wherein the image descriptions include information or words concerning actions of the person in the image and active or static features of actions of the person,
wherein the air conditioner controls air currents and temperatures on the basis of classification of the subject and the predicate, and, if the predicate is active, then the air conditioner increases the air currents or decreases the temperature,
wherein the air conditioner stores image descriptions and locations of objects that make no movement after repeatedly confirming the image descriptions, and
wherein the air conditioner confirms a location of the person by reflecting locations of the stored objects.