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LED high bay lamp with toolless LED driver connection
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1. An LED high bay lamp comprising:
a first housing portion;
a second housing portion configured to be coupled to the first housing portion;
an LED driver removably held with the LED high bay lamp;
an LED light source disposed on a surface of the LED high bay lamp;
a support member extending from a surface of the LED high bay lamp opposite the LED light source, the support member being configured and disposed to support the replaceable driver and the LED light source from a structure or portion thereof;
at least one hand removable connector electrically coupling the LED driver to the LED light source and an external power source; and
a seal disposed between the first housing portion and the second housing portion, the seal being configured to provide a water tight seal therebetween and to isolate the driver, wiring, and junctions from environmental elements and water from a sprinkler system, upon coupling of the first housing portion to the second housing portion,
wherein the LED high bay lamp is configured for the toolless replacement of the LED driver while the LED high bay lamp is supported from the structure, or portion thereof, by the support member.