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Communication device and method for vehicle
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1. A communication device for a vehicle, the communication device comprising:
a housing;
an external lens structure covering an open front region of the housing, wherein the external lens structure includes:
a plurality of external exposure portions spaced apart from each other and exposed to the outside;
an external recess, recessed to the rear, connecting the external exposure portions to each other; and
an external cover mounted on the external exposure portions and covering the external recess;
an internal lens structure mounted in the housing and covered by the external lens structure;
a liquid crystal section mounted on the internal lens structure, configured to become transparent or opaque based on whether or not power is applied thereto, wherein the liquid crystal section includes a plurality of liquid crystal films; and
a bezel disposed behind the liquid crystal section, such that the bezel becomes visible from an exterior of the communication device upon the liquid crystal section being controlled to be transparent.