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Multilayer motor vehicle pipeline
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1. A multilayer motor vehicle tube for conducting at least one fluid medium, wherein the tube comprises a fluid duct and a tube wall that surrounds the fluid duct, wherein the tube wall is multilayered and comprises at least three layers comprising the following layer composition from the outside to the inside:
an external layer consisting of at least one aliphatic polyamide,
an adhesion-promoting layer, and
an internal layer made of at least one thermoplastic elastomer, the internal layer consisting of at least 90 wt. % of the thermoplastic elastomer,
wherein the overall layer thickness d of the tube wall is from 0.3 to 3.0 mm,
wherein the tube wall includes at least one barrier layer, the barrier layer being based on at least one polyolefin, the barrier layer being arranged between the internal layer and the external layer, such that the barrier layer is connected to the internal layer towards the outside.