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Pipe vibration-proof channel
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1. A pipe vibration-proof channel comprising:
a plurality of vibration-proof brackets coupled to a flange portion of a structural section steel member;
a horizontal channel disposed apart from the plurality of vibration-proof brackets;
a plurality of vertical channels each having one end connected to a respective one of the plurality of vibration-proof brackets and another end connected to the horizontal channel;
a pipe fixing portion disposed above the horizontal channel to fix a pipe thereto;
wherein the vertical channel is connected to the vibration-proof bracket to be separated from the structural section steel member,
wherein the vibration-proof bracket comprises:
a fixing portion coupled to the structural section steel member;
a connection portion disposed apart from the fixing portion and to which the vertical channel is coupled; and
an extension portion formed to extend to the connection portion from the fixing portion;
wherein the pipe vibration-proof channel further comprises:
a first vibration-proof unit disposed above the connection portion;
a second vibration-proof unit disposed below the connection portion; and
a packing disposed at a part where the connection portion and the vertical channel are coupled to each other, and
wherein the first vibration-proof unit comprises:
a first vibration-proof member disposed in contact with an upper surface of the connection portion; and
a first vibration-proof block disposed to surround an upper surface of the first vibration-proof member and to be spaced apart from the extension portion.