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Grounded diaphragm with conductive layer
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1. A diaphragm valve comprising:
a valve main body having formed therein a valve chamber, and a first flow passage and a second flow passage being in communication with the valve chamber;
an annular valve seat formed in the valve chamber;
a diaphragm contacting and separating from the valve seat to switch opening and closing between the first flow passage and the second flow passage, said diaphragm including a valve element part contacting the valve seat and an annular membrane part extending from the valve element part; and
a drive unit driving the diaphragm, and including a drive unit housing attached to the valve main body so that an outer peripheral edge portion of the diaphragm is sandwiched between the valve main body and the drive unit housing,
wherein the valve element part includes a contact portion coming in contact with the valve seat and a residual portion, said contact portion being formed of a non-electroconductive fluorine resin material, said residual portion of the valve element part and the membrane part being formed of an electroconductive fluorine resin material, and
the drive unit housing is formed of an electroconductive fluorine resin material.