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Low pressure shut off valve and system
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1. A pressurized-gas low-pressure detection and shut-off system, comprising:
a low-pressure shut-off valve including a first valve inlet, a second valve inlet and at least one valve outlet;
a solenoid valve including a valve inlet, a first valve outlet, and a second valve outlet, the second valve outlet connected to and in fluid communication with the first valve inlet of the low-pressure shut-off valve, the solenoid valve configured to direct a flow of a pressurized gas from the valve inlet into at least one of the first valve outlet and the second valve outlet; and
a gas monitor electrically coupled to the solenoid valve, wherein the gas monitor is configured to collect a measurement of the pressurized gas in an area surrounding the gas monitor and, based on that measurement, transmit one of a first signal and a second signal to the solenoid valve to control the flow of the pressurized gas through the solenoid valve.