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Control valve assembly for fluid treatment apparatus
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1. A control valve assembly for a fluid treatment system comprising:
a housing having a top portion and a bottom portion removably secured to the top portion, the housing including an inlet and an outlet;
at least two chambers secured in the housing, a first chamber configured to receive fluid from the inlet and a second chamber configured to provide fluid to the outlet;
a piston comprising a shaft with a plurality of sealing rings, the piston extending through the housing and through the first chamber and the second chamber and being configured to move in a direction along its longitudinal axis to control a flow of fluid in the control valve assembly; and,
a blending valve comprising a channel, the blending valve and the channel integrally formed in the top portion of the housing, and the channel configured to allow a portion of the fluid in the first chamber to flow from the first chamber into the channel and out of the channel into the second chamber in order to mix the portion with fluid in the second chamber.