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Composites and methods of forming composites via pitch infiltration
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1. A method of pitch infiltration, the method comprising:
infiltrating a carbon fiber preform with carbon using chemical vapor infiltration or deposition (CVI/CVD) processing to increase a density of the carbon fiber preform to form a densified preform having an open porosity between 8% and 15%;
disposing a pitch on a densified preform surface of the densified preform, wherein the pitch is a mesophase pitch;
heating the pitch and making the pitch into an anisotropic network structure;
guiding the pitch through the densified preform in a predetermined direction;
managing a crystal size of the pitch;
aligning the pitch in a predetermined orientation;
stabilizing the pitch in the densified preform to form a composite with a pitch-based carbon; and
carbonizing the composite and further managing the crystal size of the pitch-based carbon in the composite to form a carbon/carbon brake disk having a second open porosity of less than 5%.