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Method for manufacturing composite fiber preform for disc brakes
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1. A method comprising:
winding a composite fabric around a first mandrel to form a fiber preform including a plurality of layers defining an annulus extending along a central longitudinal axis, wherein the composite fabric comprises:
a plurality of elongate axial fibers extending substantially in an axial direction relative to the longitudinal axis; and
a plurality of elongate circumferential fibers extending substantially in a circumferential direction relative to the longitudinal axis;
controlling, while winding the composite fabric, a tension of the composite fabric, wherein controlling the tension of the composite fabric includes applying resistive tension to a second mandrel comprising a roll of the composite fabric; and
introducing, into at least a portion of the plurality of layers, a plurality of radial fibers extending substantially in the radial direction relative to the longitudinal axis, wherein the plurality of radial fibers mechanically bind one or more adjacent layers of the plurality of layers.