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Rolling-element bearing assembly
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1. A rolling-element bearing assembly comprising:
a first bearing ring and a second bearing ring that define a bearing interior between the first bearing ring and the second bearing ring,
a plurality of rolling elements disposed in the bearing interior to allow a relative rotation of the first and second bearing rings, and
a seal assembly for sealing the bearing interior, the seal assembly including a seal carrier connected to the first bearing ring such that the seal carrier and the first bearing ring rotate together and a seal element connected to the seal carrier such that the seal element and the seal carrier rotate together, the seal carrier holding the seal element against an axial surface of the second bearing ring,
wherein the seal carrier comprises a fiber-reinforced plastic,
wherein the seal element is circumferentially attached to the seal carrier by a clamping ring,
wherein the second bearing ring is an inner bearing ring having an outer diameter and the first bearing ring is an outer bearing ring,
wherein the seal carrier is connected to the outer bearing ring and the clamping ring has a central opening having an inner diameter, and
wherein the inner diameter of the central opening of the clamping ring is less than the outer diameter of the inner bearing ring.