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Bearing cage and bearing
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1. A bearing cage for a ball bearing, comprising:
an annular backbone portion comprising a front side and an opposite back side;
a plurality of cantilever portions extending from the front side of the backbone portion in an axially forward direction of the bearing cage, the plurality of cantilever portions arranged along a circumference of the annular backbone portion and defining a plurality of pockets for accommodating rolling elements of the bearing, wherein each of the plurality of cantilever portions comprises two prong portions and a connection portion between the two prong portions; and
a plurality of grooves formed in a radially inner side of the bearing cage,
the backbone portion comprises a radial thickness which is larger than a radial thickness of each of the cantilever portions of the plurality of cantilever portions, and
the connection portion comprises:
a first segment adjacent to the backbone portion and extending in an inclined direction relative to an axis of the bearing cage; and
a second segment away from the backbone portion and substantially parallel to the axis of the bearing cage.