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Anchor assembly with toggle
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1. An anchor assembly for wall installation, comprising:
a toggle body that is elongated along an axis;
a strap connected to and extending from the toggle body, wherein the strap includes a main segment that extends in a first direction away from the axis of the toggle body when the strap and toggle body are in an unstressed state, and the main segment is bendable down toward the toggle body such that the main segment extends in a second direction, where the second direction runs more closely to parallel with the axis than does the first direction;
a locking sleeve mounted for movement along the strap toward the toggle body;
wherein the strap is substantially L-shaped and includes a small segment extending laterally relative to the main segment, wherein the small segment is seated within a strap recess on the toggle body, wherein the small segment and the strap recess are collectively configured such that the small segment is engageable with the strap recess by sliding in a direction along the axis of the toggle body;
wherein the strap recess includes a portion with a retaining profile in axial end view and the small segment includes a mating retaining profile that slides into the retaining profile along the axis of the toggle body;
wherein a bottom of the strap recess includes an opening, wherein a bottom of the small segment of the strap includes a projection, wherein the projection snaps into the opening to prevent the small segment from sliding axially out of the strap recess.