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Hydrostatic drive
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1. A hydrostatic drive comprising:
at least one hydrostatic pump configured to supply at least one hydrostatic consumer with operating fluid;
an electric motor configured to drive the hydrostatic drive;
an electronic storage device operably connected to the electric motor;
a temperature sensor configured to determine a sensed temperature of the operating fluid; and
an apparatus configured to recover at least a part of a braking energy or decelerating energy generated by the at least one hydrostatic consumer according to an energy recovery procedure, the apparatus including an electronic control unit configured to control the apparatus in a variable manner and in dependence upon at least one detected influencing variable, the electronic control unit operably connected to the temperature sensor,
wherein the at least one detected influencing variable includes the sensed temperature,
wherein the energy recovery procedure includes selectively storing the braking energy or the decelerating energy in the electronic storage device when the at least one hydrostatic pump is operated as a motor and when the electric motor is operated as a generator, and
wherein the electronic control unit is configured to switch off the energy recovery procedure until the sensed temperature is greater than or equal to an optimal operating temperature of the operating fluid, such that a cold start behavior of the hydrostatic drive is optimized.