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Wind turbine with trailing edge flap
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1. A rotor blade for a wind turbine, comprising:
a body having an aerodynamic profile extending from a blade root to a blade tip, and having a leading edge and a trailing edge,
at least one adjustable aerodynamic flap arranged on the body, and
a flap drive configured to adjust the at least one adjustable aerodynamic flap between a retracted position and a deployed position, wherein the flap drive comprises a passive control system configured to control a flap position depending on rotation speed,
wherein the flap drive has, as a drive source to generate force, a centrifugal body, and an elastic element providing an elastic force that exceeds a centrifugal force generated by the centrifugal body up to a predetermined rotation speed of a rotor on which the rotor blade is arranged, and wherein the flap drive is configured such that, when the rotor is not rotating, the flap is in a fully extended position, and only when a limit speed of the rotor is exceeded, the centrifugal force generated by the centrifugal body exceeds the elastic force of the elastic element such that the flap drive gradually adjusts the flap from the extended position into the retracted position.