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1. A V-type multi-cylinder engine including a pair of banks, comprising:
an intake member forming an intake passage through which air is guided from outside;
a pair of throttles each configured to regulate an amount of the air sucked into each of the pair of banks through the intake passage;
one single temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of the air in the intake passage; and
a recirculation member configured to recirculate blow-by gas from the engine into the intake passage, wherein
the intake member includes:
a pair of openings downstream of the temperature sensor in a flowing direction of the air; and
a pair of cylindrical members each extending from each of the pair of openings in the flowing direction of the air, wherein
each of the pair of throttles is connected to each of the pair of cylindrical members, wherein
the temperature sensor is disposed between the pair of openings, wherein
the recirculation member is connected to the pair of cylindrical members from between the pair of cylindrical members.