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Parallel intake valve tumble flow engine
Christopher L. Wray, San Antonio, TX (US); Zainal Abidin, San Antonio, TX (US); Kevin L. Hoag, San Antonio, TX (US); Anthony S. Perkins, Shoreham-by-Sea (GB); Ian P. Gilbert, Shoreham-by-Sea (GB); and Marc C. Megel, Olathe, CO (US)
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1. An engine comprising:
a multiple intake valve cylinder to accommodate a reciprocating piston and define a combustion chamber there-adjacent; and
an intake valve assembly with inlets to at least two intake valves of parallel arrangement for delivery of a spark-ignited fuel-air mixture to the combustion chamber, at least one of the inlets facilitating an angled, substantially non-perpendicular tumble flow of the fuel-air mixture to the chamber via a channel about the inlets that is angled at between about 20° and about 45° and that is of a reducing diameter from the at least one of the inlets to the other inlet for enhancing the tumble flow.