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Gas turbine engine with trailing edge heat exchanger
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1. A gas turbine engine, comprising a fan assembly, a compressor assembly, a combustion chamber, a turbine assembly, a bypass duct conveying rearward a bypass airstream driven by the fan assembly when the gas turbine engine is in use, and a fairing extending across at least a portion of the bypass duct downstream of the fan assembly, the fairing having an airfoil-shaped body having first flow facing surfaces extending downstream from a leading edge of the airfoil-shaped body; and a heat exchanger having a body that is wedge shaped and forms a trailing edge of the airfoil-shaped body of the fairing, the heat exchanger body having second flow-facing surfaces which are aligned with the first flow-facing surfaces to complete the airfoil-shaped body of the fairing without protruding into the bypass airstream at an angle relative to the first flow-facing surface, wherein the first and second flow facing surfaces collectively form a substantially uninterrupted flow-facing surface formed by the fairing and the heat exchanger, the body of the heat exchanger including a base portion attached to the fairing and a rear end portion extending rearward from the base portion, the base portion of the body of the heat exchanger being complementary in shape to the fairing, an inlet of the heat exchanger being fluidly connected to the compressor assembly and an outlet fluidly connected to a pneumatic actuator of the gas turbine engine, the body having a tortuous fluid conduit inside the body, the tortuous fluid conduit extending radially through the body from the inlet to the outlet.