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Cooling structure for trailing edge of turbine blade
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1. A cooling structure comprising:
an airfoil shaped blade part including a leading edge, a trailing edge, a pressure surface and a suction surface connecting the leading edge and the trailing edge,
a cavity channel formed in the blade part and through which a cooling fluid flows,
slots and lands arranged alternately on the trailing edge along a span direction of the pressure surface by cutting a portion of the pressure surface, the slots communicating with the cavity channel and defined by adjacent lands where the pressure surface remains,
wherein a pin-fin structure is disposed in the cavity channel on an upstream side of the slot,
wherein the cooling fluid is introduced through a micro channel formed inside the pin-fin structure and is discharged through film cooling holes formed in the pressure surface,
wherein an impingement jet space is formed inside the pressure surface connecting the micro-channel in the pin-fin structure and the film cooling holes, and
wherein a cross-sectional area of the impingement jet space decreases from a closed upstream end to a downstream end.