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Vane and compressor and gas turbine having the same
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1. A compressor vane comprising:
a vane bottom and a vane top;
a first surface facing compressed air moved from a front stage;
a second surface directed in a direction opposite to the first surface; and
two tangent lines in which the first and second surfaces meet, each of the two tangent lines extending between the vane bottom and the vane top,
wherein a height of the compressor vane in a direction starting from the vane bottom to the vane top is divided into a first region disposed closest to the vane bottom; a second region disposed farther from the vane bottom than the first region; and a third region disposed closest to the vane top,
wherein a rate of change, with respect to the height of the compressor vane, of a maximum separation distance, between the first surface and the second surface, divided by a distance from one to the other of the two tangent lines in a cross-section at heights of the respective first, second, and third regions correspond to a first rate of change, a second rate of change, and a third rate of change; and
the second rate of change is greater than the first and third rates of change and the third rate of change is greater than the first rate of change.