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Borehole cleaning monitoring and advisory system
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1. A computer-implemented method, comprising:
receiving real-time drilling data of a drilling operation of drilling a wellbore by a drilling system;
using the real-time drilling data to calculate a modified carrying capacity index (CCI), a modified cuttings concentration in annulus (CCA), and a transport ratio (TR) of the drilling operation;
generating a respective color-coded indicator of each of the CCI, CCA, and TR by comparing each of the CCI, CCA, and TR to a respective predetermined range;
detecting, based on the respective color-coded indicators, a drilling problem with the drilling operation;
determining, based on a table of corrective actions, a corrective action to mitigate the drilling problem, wherein the table of corrective actions maps different values of the respective color-coded indicators to corrective actions, wherein the corrective action comprises controlling a rate of penetration of a drilling tool of the drilling system to be less than a maximum penetration rate;
determining the maximum rate of penetration based on an effective drilling fluid density, a pore pressure limit of a formation, and a fracture pressure limit of the formation;
determining, based on the real-time drilling data, the maximum rate of penetration for the drilling tool; and
controlling the drilling tool such that the rate of penetration of the drilling tool is less than or equal to the maximum rate of penetration, thereby mitigating the drilling problem.