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7. A method comprising:
generating, via operation of a drill bit, one or more micro cores as part of a drilling process used to extend a borehole into a foundation material, wherein the drill bit comprises a bit body defining a bit rotational axis, a blade attached to the bit body, and a cutter comprising a cutting arc on a cutting surface of the cutter, wherein the cutter comprises at least one relief comprising a first curved edge deviating from an outer edge of the cutter, a straight edge coupled with the first curved edge, the straight edge configured to generate the one or more micro cores, a second curved edge coupled with the straight edge and having an end that interrupts the cutting arc, the second curved edge configured to fracture the one or more micro cores via side load forces of the drill bit exerted on the one or more micro cores, and a third curved edge curving into the outer edge of the cutter and coupled to the second curved edge.