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Mud motor bearing assembly for use with a drilling system
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1. A drilling system for drilling a borehole using a drilling fluid, the drilling system comprising:
a drill string;
a mud motor coupled to the drill string and comprising a driveshaft comprising a bore through which the drilling fluid is flowable;
a bearing assembly coupled to a downhole end of the mud motor and operable to support the driveshaft, the bearing assembly comprising:
bearings positioned circumferentially around a bore of the bearing assembly;
a fluid flowpath through the bearings and in fluid communication with the bore of the driveshaft to allow drilling fluid to divert from the bore and pass through the bearings; and
a choke assembly positioned in the fluid flowpath and operable to restrict a flow of the drilling fluid out of the fluid flowpath;
a rotary steerable system (“RSS”) operable to extend pads using drilling fluid not diverted through the fluid flowpath and flowing through the driveshaft and to the RSS; and
a drill bit rotatable by the driveshaft and steerable in a desired direction by the RSS.