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Device for restricting torsion spring of scrolling device of window curtain from reversely expanding
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1. A window blind comprising:
a top rail, a bottom rail, a tube and a curtain, the tube located in the top rail, two plates respectively connected to two ends of the top rail, the curtain having a first end thereof wrapped around the tube, a second end of the curtain connected to the bottom rail;
a scrolling device located in the tube and including a torsion spring, a fixed shaft and a sleeve, the torsion spring mounted to the sleeve, the sleeve connected to the fixed shaft and secured to an inside of the tube, and
an adjustment unit connected to the fixed shaft, the torsion spring located between the sleeve and the adjustment unit, the adjustment unit including a housing, a tubular part and a resilient member, the resilient member mounted to the tubular part which is partially located in the housing, the resilient member located within the housing and biased between the housing and the tubular part so that a first end of the tubular part movably protrudes beyond the housing, a first end of the torsion spring fixed to the tubular part, the torsion spring being adjusted by rotating the adjustment unit, one of the two plates including a tongue that is inserted into a second end of the tubular part to maintain the first end of the tubular part to protrude beyond the housing.