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Connecting assembly, door guardrail and fence
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1. A connecting assembly, comprising:
a first connector;
a second connector;
a transverse locking device, wherein the transverse locking device comprises a transverse slot and a transverse pin which are capable of being matched with each other, the transverse pin is movably arranged on the second connector, the transverse slot is correspondingly arranged on the first connector, and the transverse pin is movable along a transverse direction to insert into or withdraw from the transverse slot;
a longitudinal locking device arranged between the first connector and the second connector, wherein the longitudinal locking device is capable of limiting relative movement of the first connector and the second connector in the transverse direction;
the longitudinal locking device comprises a longitudinal slot and a longitudinal pin which are capable of being matched with each other,
one end of the second connector opposite to the first connector is internally provided with an accommodating cavity, an opening communicated with the accommodating cavity is provided on a lower surface of the second connector, and the longitudinal pin is movably mounted inside the accommodating cavity;
the accommodating cavity is internally provided with an elastic member for driving one end of the longitudinal pin to pass through the opening and extend out of the accommodating cavity;
a lower portion of one end of the first connector opposite to the second connector is provided with a connecting portion extending and protruding in the transverse direction, the longitudinal slot is formed on an upper surface of the connecting portion and an opening of the longitudinal slot faces upwardly,
the longitudinal pin is movable along a longitudinal direction to insert into the longitudinal slot, or the longitudinal pin is movable along the longitudinal direction to withdraw from the longitudinal slot;
a guiding inclined plane is arranged between the connecting portion and the longitudinal pin for guiding the longitudinal pin to move towards inside of the accommodating cavity, and
the guiding inclined plane is formed on the connecting portion or formed on the longitudinal pin.