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Door lock device
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1. A door lock device, comprising:
a lock assembly, comprising:
a housing structure;
a driving member of a shaft body;
an acting member directly connected to the driving member, wherein the acting member is of a spoon shape, has a spoon body directly engaged on the driving member, and has a handle portion connected to the spoon body to rotate with the driving member around a common axis of rotation thereof;
an active member arranged on the housing structure and cooperating with the acting member for operation, wherein the active member has a force bearing portion;
a main lock member arranged on the housing structure and directly interlocked with the active member; and
a carrier structure fastened on the housing structure and connected to the main lock member via at least one elastic element,
wherein the driving member is configured to rotate perpendicularly to a long axis of the main lock member,
wherein when the housing structure receives a force, the driving member drives the acting member to swing away from a main housing of the housing structure and to drive the handle portion of the acting member to hook and touch the force bearing portion of the active member so as to displace the active member and synchronously displace the main lock member; and
an operation assembly interlocked with the driving member of the lock assembly.