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Installing a wire fence to a post
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1. A method of installing a wire fence to a post,
said wire fence comprising horizontal and vertical wires,
said horizontal wires having horizontal wire ends,
said method comprising the following steps:
a) providing horizontal wires;
b) providing vertical wires;
c) connecting the vertical wires to the horizontal wires to form a wire fence;
d) providing a post;
e) providing holes in said post, one hole for each horizontal wire;
f) driving said post into the ground;
g) providing sufficient length at said horizontal wire ends to allow termination and tensioning of said horizontal wires;
h) inserting said horizontal wire ends through said holes;
i) attaching wire tensioning devices to some of said horizontal wire ends;
j) stretching said horizontal wires by means of said tensioning devices;
k) keeping said tensioning devices on said horizontal wire ends; and
l) placing a cover plate to said post to cover said tensioning devices and said horizontal wire ends.