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Public service cabinet with modular expansion facility for a street mast
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1. A public service cabinet, comprising:
a foundation support that is configured to be founded to the ground;
a connection frame that is connected with the foundation support; and
housing parts that are connected with the connection frame;
wherein the housing parts delimit one or more internal spaces for receiving electrical and/or communication/control equipment,
wherein the foundation support comprises a first street mast module of which an upper end is configured to be connectable to a lower end of a second street mast module of a modular street mast, in particular for a future expanding it with a modular streetlamp and/or sensor hub,
wherein the connection frame is releasably connected to the first street mast module,
wherein the housing parts extend to a height that lies above a height to which the first street mast module extends such that at least an upper portion of the first street mast module is surrounded by the housing parts, and
wherein a removable first-type cover is provided that is configured to shield of an upper side of the cabinet including the upper end of the first street mast module.