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Large manipulator with automated mast set-up
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1. A large manipulator comprising:
a chassis;
a mast pedestal rotatable around a vertical axis by means of a rotary drive and arranged on the chassis;
an articulated mast including two or more mast arms pivotally-movably connected, via articulated joints, with the respectively adjacent mast pedestal or other mast arm by a pivot drive; and
a control unit configured to actuate the pivot drive and/or the rotary drive to move the articulated mast, autonomously and time-optimized, with a control sequence from an initial position of the articulated mast into a pre-specified target position of the articulated mast,
wherein the control unit is configured to calculate the control sequence by numerically solving a dynamic optimization problem with constraints by minimizing a quality function, which contains (1) a total time of a folding operation when transferring the articulated mast from the initial position to the pre-specified target position or (2) a variable derived directly therefrom as an optimization variable.