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Sealing gasket, flashing arrangement, and method of sealing a gap between flashing members for a roof window
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1. A sealing gasket for use between flashing members, comprising a compressible sealing section and an attachment section comprising at least two legs configured for engagement with a flashing member, said sealing gasket having a length direction and a width direction extending perpendicular to the length direction, and said compressible sealing section and said attachment section both extending over substantially an entire length of the sealing gasket when viewed in the length direction,
the compressible sealing section having an outer inclined surface, two cavities arranged next to each other when viewed in the width direction and an inner wall, said inner wall being disposed between the two cavities, where each of the outer inclined surface, the two cavities and the inner wall extend over the entire length of the sealing gasket, the compressible sealing section further having a bottom wall extending in the width direction across a width of the inner wall and a width of each of the two cavities, the bottom wall being disposed below a lowermost portion of each of the two cavities and a lowermost portion of the inner wall, and
the at least two legs of the attachment section project from a base section of the attachment section in a height direction, which is perpendicular to the length direction and the width direction, each leg of the at least two legs has a free edge furthest from the base section, and that the at least two legs project substantially in parallel, so that a first recess extending in the length direction is defined between the at least two legs, and that said attachment section comprises a second recess extending in parallel with the first recess, said first and second recesses being configured for engagement with one of a flange, a ridge, and a leg on a flashing member.