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Space saving sleeve for a cast in place anchor
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1. A cast in place anchor assembly for securement to metal decking in a concrete structure, the assembly comprising:
an elongate threaded anchor including a head at a first end and an externally threaded portion; and
a connection sleeve, the connection sleeve being internally threaded for threadably receiving the externally threaded portion, the connection sleeve further including an external locking portion, the external locking portion including a flexible securement portion;
a suspension plate for spanning two peaks of the metal decking, the suspension plate including a sleeve opening;
wherein the sleeve opening is sized to receive the external locking portion so that the external locking portion is lockably securable to the connection sleeve in the sleeve opening via the flexible securement portion; and
wherein the flexible securement portion has a flexible locking member which has a first radius which is larger than the sleeve opening and which flexes to a smaller radius during insertion of the connection sleeve into the sleeve opening and which flexes back to a size larger than the sleeve opening upon a complete insertion to lock the connection sleeve to the suspension plate.