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Nozzle for sanitary cleaning device
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1. A nozzle for a sanitary cleaning device, the nozzle comprising:
a nozzle cover made of ceramic and having a nozzle cover-side water ejection opening, the nozzle cover-side water ejection opening being formed in a portion of an outer peripheral surface of the nozzle cover near a distal end, the outer peripheral surface extending in an axial direction, the portion of the outer peripheral surface facing upward from the sanitary cleaning device;
a distal-side channel-forming component disposed in the nozzle cover and having a channel-side water ejection opening which communicates with the nozzle cover-side water ejection opening;
a rear-side channel-forming component connected to a rear portion of the distal-side channel-forming component in the axial direction of the nozzle cover, and capable of being adjusted in position in the axial direction of the nozzle cover with respect to the distal-side channel-forming component; and
a water-tight structure functioning as a seal between the distal-side channel-forming component and the rear-side channel-forming component such that the nozzle cover is able to be adjusted in position in the axial direction.