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Method for manufacturing multi-layered fibrous web and multi-layered fibrous web
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1. A method for manufacturing a multi-layered fibrous web, which comprises at least two fibrous layers, wherein each layer is formed from one or more fibre stocks, the fibrous layers are combined prior to subjecting the multilayered fibrous web to wet-pressing and drying, said method comprising:
forming at least one layer of the multi-layered fibrous web from a fibre stock comprising at least 50 weight-% of a chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), a hardwood kraft pulp and/or a recycled fibre material calculated from solid contents of a thick stock applied to a particular layer approach system; and
adding a first strength component and a second strength component to the fibre stock,
wherein the first strength component comprises a cationic strength agent and the second strength component comprises a synthetic amphoteric polymer composition having a net charge from −3 to +1 meq/g (dry), at a pH of 7.