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Paper machine clothing and method of producing the paper machine clothing
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1. A paper machine clothing, comprising:
a substrate having an upper side, a lower side, two lateral edges, and a usable region between said two lateral edges, the usable region having formed therein a plurality of through-channels each extending along a central axis through said substrate and connecting said upper side with said lower side;
said through-channels being non-cylindrical with a cross-sectional area becoming smaller along a thickness direction of said substrate from said upper side to a middle region of said substrate between said upper side and said lower side;
an upper rim of at least one of said through-channels directly contacting an upper rim of at least one neighboring through-channel of said plurality of through-channels;
said upper rims of both said neighboring through-channels having at least one common local maximum;
wherein a sectional plane parallel to the thickness direction of said substrate, including said at least one common local maximum and including or intersecting the central axis of at least one of said neighboring through-channels defines an intersecting line with a sidewall of said at least one of said neighboring through-channels; and
wherein said intersecting line includes a convexly shaped first portion, a concavely shaped second portion, and a convexly shaped third portion in the thickness direction of the substrate from the at least one common local maximum toward the middle region of said substrate.