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Laundry appliance having an ultrasonic drying mechanism
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1. A laundry drying system for a laundry appliance, the laundry drying system comprising:
a drum that is rotationally operable within a tub, the drum defining an interior chamber for processing laundry, wherein the interior chamber is part of an airflow path;
an ultrasonic transducer positioned proximate a lower portion of the tub, the ultrasonic transducer providing an ultrasonic resonance that is directed into the interior chamber of the drum, wherein the ultrasonic transducer is positioned within a gap defined between the drum and the tub; and
an air handling system having at least one fan, wherein the at least one fan moves water in a substantially gaseous form from the interior chamber and to an area outside of the drum via the airflow path, wherein the ultrasonic resonance is adapted to be directed into damp fabric being treated within the interior chamber, and wherein the ultrasonic resonance modifies water trapped within the damp fabric into the substantially gaseous form.