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Laundry treating appliance and method of operation for a laundry treating appliance
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1. A laundry treating appliance, comprising:
a treating chamber;
a dye sensor configured to provide an output, the output indicative of an amount of dye within liquid in the treating chamber;
a controller having a memory in which is stored a set of executable instructions comprising a treating cycle of operation; and
a user interface operably coupled with the controller and providing an input and output function for the controller; and
wherein the controller is configured to receive the output from the dye sensor and determining a dye has been released from the laundry within the treating chamber to define a determined dye release and the controller is further configured to control the user interface to indicate, on the user interface, information related to the determined dye release, where the information is separate from an alert that the released dye has been determined, and where the information comprises educational information to prevent future dye release or information regarding at least one consequence of at least one action taken by the laundry treating appliance including at least one of: that the treating cycle of operation used more water, that the treating cycle of operation was less energy efficient, that the treating cycle of operation time will be longer, or that there was reduced performance during the treating cycle of operation.