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Device for pulsed laser deposition and a substrate with a substrate surface for reduction of particles on the substrate
Jan Arnaud Janssens, Schalkhaar (NL); Jan Matthijn Dekkers, Aadorp (NL); Kristiaan Hendrikus Aloysius Böhm, Deventer (NL); Willem Cornelis Lambert Hopman, Deventer (NL); and Jeroen Aaldert Heuver, Enschede (NL)
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1. A device for pulsed laser deposition, comprising:
a substrate holder for holding a substrate;
a target arranged facing a substrate surface of the substrate;
a pulsed laser configured to direct a laser beam onto the target at a target spot for generating a plasma plume of target material, wherein the surface of the target at the target spot faces the substrate surface;
a velocity filter arranged between the substrate and the target, the velocity filter comprising a rotating body with at least one filter passage opening, the rotating body configured to rotate with respect to the target spot; and
a plasma hole plate arranged between the target and the substrate, the plasma hole plate comprising a plasma passage opening that is stationary relative to the target spot during a pulsed laser deposition process, wherein the plasma passage opening is divided in an upstream section and a downstream section by a dividing plane which is perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the velocity filter, wherein the target spot coincides with the dividing plane, wherein the dividing plane is fixed with respect to the target spot and the plasma passage opening, and wherein the upstream section of the plasma passage opening has a larger surface area than the downstream section of the plasma passage opening.