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Apparatus for reducing tungsten resistivity
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1. An apparatus for depositing tungsten film with low resistivity, comprising:
a physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber with a processing volume disposed between a target and a substrate support, wherein the PVD chamber has a target-to-substrate spacing of approximately 75 mm to approximately 150 mm and wherein the target is made of tungsten and configured for sputtering by plasma generated in the processing volume;
a magnetron configured to generate magnetic fields during sputtering of the target;
a process gas supply source configured to provide krypton gas into the processing volume;
an RF power source configured to generate a plasma from the krypton gas within the processing volume at a frequency of approximately 40 MHz to approximately 75 MHz;
a bias power source configured to supply a bias to a substrate placed on the substrate support;
a magnetic field source surrounding the processing volume at a level proximate to a top surface of the substrate support, wherein the magnetic field source is configured to influence plasma density and distribution in the PVD chamber and uniformity of deposition on the substrate; and
a controller in communication with the apparatus and configured to generate a plasma in a pressure of approximately 1 mTorr to approximately 15 mTorr in a processing volume of the PVD chamber with a process gas of krypton and using RF power of approximately 6 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts with a frequency of approximately 60 MHz, to apply a bias power at a frequency of approximately 13.56 MHz to a substrate, and to sputter the target to deposit a tungsten thin film on the substrate, wherein at least approximately 90% of the tungsten thin film has a 110 crystal orientation plane approximately parallel to a top surface of the substrate, wherein the tungsten thin film has a resistivity value of approximately 9.5 μohm-cm or less at an approximately 200 angstrom thickness.