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Copper alloy tube for heat exchanger with excellent thermal conductivity and breaking strength and method of manufacturing the same
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1. A copper alloy tube for a heat exchanger comprising an oxygen-free copper-tin alloy having: an oxygen (O) content of 5 ppm to up to 9.2 ppm, a composition satisfying the following conditional formulas (1) and (2), and not containing phosphorous, a thermal conductivity of 260 to 350 W/m·k, and an electrical conductivity of 65% IACS or more:
0.3 wt %≤Csn≤0.6 wt %,  (1)
0.01 wt %≤Czn<1.0 wt %,  (2)
wherein Csn represents the content of tin in the oxygen-free copper-tin alloy,
wherein Czn represents the content of zinc in the oxygen-free copper-tin alloy, and
wherein the oxygen-free copper-tin alloy has a texture having a GOSS orientation distribution density of 4.5% or less.